Diary of a woman of a certain age – now married for the second time, again!

Good grief, how time flies when you’re planning a wedding. The last time I put index finger to keyboard I was still searching for the perfect foundation garment to squeeze between me and my dress.

Well, I did it…found the bra, and got married, that is! It was magnificent! The bra, I mean. And the day was pretty special too!

It was a gusty (and busty) day, but me and Mr D went with it. We had photos by the brilliant Joe Dodsworth, who made us look younger, thinner, moody, windswept and, well, generally fabulous! Our gorgeous flowers from Joanne at Twisted Willow were elegant and stunning and she was amazing. We had the usual little hiccups – latecomers, buttonhole-refusers, AWOL dickie bows and alcoholics…..but enough about my mother! The confetti went straight up with the wind, the vintage car windows flapped, and my son tripped on my dress, walked into the church door and nearly knocked his teeth out. But these were minor things.

The reception, at The Crab and Lobster in Asenby, was gorgeous. I ate so much lovely food it’s taken me until now to lose the few pounds that such good living has stuck to my backside.

I danced, a lot. I completely forgot that I was of a certain age and it felt lovely. Any apprehensions that I was a bit long in the tooth to dress up like a princess and mosh to Abba all night long left the minute I saw myself – and my incredibreasts in the mirror. Our guests were all so lovely and thank goodness Louise was there to hitch my skirts up, and eat, drink and be merry with us. Hurrah for you, Lou Lou xx

So that’s it. We did it, and it was fun, hard work and very bloody expensive. And I recommend it, if you really want it. It’s never too late, you’re never too old and your boobs are never too big to get married for the second time, again.


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